Summer 2020 Update

Sentiments of a reformed grad student and rekindled entrepreneur recently released from a 1.5year stint in high ed administration (summer slow down):

It’s been enlivening, terrifying, exhausting, and exciting to get back to that contracting grind, though after nearly a decade of this one might finally call me less of a contractor and more of an advisor for early and sometimes later stage orgs. When I was solicited for ongoing insider advice by Bain last year on a per hour price point I’d only dreamed of as a recent college grad, I had a feeling I would be returning to a for profit and big gains mentality I had left behind to itch a fantasy as a future Dean of a well known Bay Area based institution of higher learning. I missed consulting companies on their growth goals more than I ever imagined possible.

Additionally, I’ll have time to not only finish large strides of my Thesis in Creative Writing in record time, but in a fashion that remains true to character.

What might excite me more than anything is having the opportunity to pursue certification in Business Analytics from Wharton, and to receive free and extensive education on Java, HTML, CSS, and more, by a private company advancing female leaders in STEM.