Katrina was born in the early 1990’s to a young mother in the heart of the Central Valley of California.

Katrina’s mother elected to raise her alone with little help from their  immigrant, farm-working family while putting herself through college and graduate school near Sacramento, California. That is where Katrina learned how to read, write, and speak two languages by the time she was four years old.

Katrina moved to the Bay Area in the fifth grade with her new family as part of the career pursuits of her adopted father and her mother. She attended high school in the East Bay near Berkeley, CA.

She moved to the Peninsula of the Bay Area for college where she attended Stanford University for an undergraduate degree and began a graduate degree. Her areas of study have primarily focused on health, illness, business, and technology. Her approach is often abstract, as she also infuses her recognition in the arts with understanding the culture and society in question through unique analysis.


Since university Katrina has spent much of her time devoting to research as well as fieldwork in the Silicon Valley tech industry, through her consultative work for early stage technology companies in the Silicon Valley. She has contracted for, advised, and consulted dozens of companies in various job functions and consulted multiple. She has seen several companies through successful acquisitions. She has also endured many setbacks that come with new risks with other companies as well.

She continues to advise and teach entrepreneurship for Stanford’s certification program in partnership with the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Department of Management Science and Engineering

Sample Work

She has developed the early stages of a full-length ethnographic novel and is working on an autobiographic set of essays as part of her MFA program in Nonfiction Creative Writing at the University of San Francisco where she began work in administration in early 2019.


In the first grade Katrina began writing poetry.

In the sixth grade she began winning local and national awards for her academic achievement and, in particular, her writing and poetry.

After being recognized for her writing through private scholarships by well-known published authors and getting accepted to Stanford University – she continued to contribute to and inspire the work of New York Times bestselling authors, unto this day. 

Personal Life

When she is not writing, working, researching, plotting, eating, sleeping, or laughing; she is usually running, wandering around nature or small avenues in the San Francisco Bay Area, doing yoga, attending workshops, canning pickled turnips, and kissing the ground.

She resides in San Francisco with her partner which has been an embracing home to her for more than 15 years.