Artist Statement

corpus et animam meam

I started doing market research when I was 7. Once I invested in Yahoo! in the fake stock market that year and became an early adopter of that technology in the 5th grade, I transitioned into doing internet research primarily on clinical psychology, music, and marketing trends in the emerging pre-teen girl U.S. demographic. In middle school I spent each summer reading the classics, as well as contemporary existential and feminist philosophy. I also read part of Marx’s Communist Manifesto and Dante’s Divine Comedy. In high school I read several of Shakespeare’s greatest works, cover to cover, as a favorite pass-time when I wasn’t studying film and writing poetry that I was often recognized for by broad communities.

When my grandmother was relocated to the US by her family and made to endure back breaking farm labor – she ended up in California to pick grapes and cotton. This was at a time before a law was passed that prevented garden hoes from being under a certain length and work done with them prior to that could be considered slave labor. I cannot count related stories to this on one hand, and they have been a source of much inspiration professionally and artistically.

I was baptized catholic and feel close to my grandmother’s preservation of traditional values in our Latino culture. At 4 I practiced Native American sweat lodge, at 13 Buddhist Meditation, by 19 began a cultural conversion to Judaism, and became a devoted Yogi by 24. I am all of those, still.

This is all a sum of my mind, spirit, and soul.