Artist Statement

corpus et animam meam

I started doing market research when I was 8. Once I invested in Yahoo! in the fake stock market that year and became an early adopter of that technology in the 5th grade, I transitioned into doing internet research primarily on clinical psychology, music, and marketing trends in the emerging pre-teen girl U.S. demographic. Prior to that, I had been recognized by my second grade teacher for being an abstract artist. Prior to that, I was the first of my elementary school to be recognized for being the most compassionate and inclusive student. I have a photographic memory, and a pure heart that loves relentlessly without fear and without judgement.

Since then I have spent every free moment exploring the depths of consciousness, love, pain, and becoming. I’ve nursed ailing loved ones to health. I’ve failed, over and over again, in way’s that I frequently questioned recovering from. But I’m motivated only by a constant curiosity of what is as well as what could be. I am driven by the insurmountable challenge to overcome all standards.

My intimate understanding and devotion for those who are unseen derives from my close relationship to my grandmother who helped to raise me. My grandmother was relocated to the US by her family and made to endure back breaking farm labor – she ended up in California to pick grapes and cotton. This was at a time before a law was passed that prevented garden hoes from being under a certain length and work done with them prior to that could be considered slave labor.